Scared Speechless
9 Ways to Overcome your Fears:
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A New approach
to therapy:
and Enlightening
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The perfect
between traditional psychotherapy (mind) and somatic healing (body)
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learn to move through
your defenses and
evolve into your
authentic self
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Why Can’t I Change?

Dr. Shirley's compelling book about learning to move through your defenses, WHY you are where you are and HOW you can change it.

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Dr. Shirley’s Corner

News, stories, and the latest cutting edge research that could change your life. Connect to Shirley’s blog as she helps you help yourself.

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Now on the Universal Broadcasting Network The Unconventional Duo: Dr Shirley and Medium Kellee White – Two Perspectives; One World

Connect the dots. Change your life.

An empowering approach to therapy that explores the past as A PATH to freedom rather than a story that imprisons us. Dr. Shirley’s personalized techniques help you discover the beliefs imprinted in your mind and the defenses embedded in your body. The body remembers what the mind forgets. YOUR body contains the wisdom to unlock your full potential.
Dr. Shirley’s ‘connect the dots method’ is transformational, enlightening and highly effective; the perfect balance between traditional psychotherapy (mind) and somatic healing (body); healing the mind and body.

Dr. Shirley’s Services

Go from being a passive victim of your past to an active creator of your future, no matter where you are coming from. Dr.Shirley's services include: