In 2005, Dr. Shirley entered the corporate arena, serving as an Executive Coach to corporate executives in order to assist them in reaching their full potential. She has completed 50 hours of training at the College of Executive Coaching.

In this capacity, Dr. Shirley has also designed and presented seminars and workshops with a focus on issues of import to the corporate world, such as how to deal with difficult people in the workplace and stress management. Much media attention has been devoted in recent years to the considerable waste of time, energy and resources required to resolve conflicts in the workplace, which typically have nothing to do with the job itself. While the cost to employers in terms of lowered productivity and reduced worker morale as a result of such disputes can be enormous, the emotional toll that interacting with a difficult employee can take on an individual is incalculable. By developing and utilizing strategies to effectively cope with difficult personalities in the employment setting – whether it be with a boss, a co-worker or a subordinate – both employers and employees can dramatically reduce the financial and emotional detriments arising out of workplace conflicts.

Executive Coaching/Personal Coaching
Dr. Shirley frequently coaches executives who believe that they are not performing up to their potential. Additionally she coaches individuals who have not yet reached the success they want in life.