Just finished reading your book Why I Can’t Change. I had to thank you for your work as it has had a great impact on me and my perspective on life. Looking forward to putting your suggestions to practice! Warmest wishes, your newest fan. – Lori P.
Such an eye opener and it especially helped me break through an invisible wall that I created to protect me and my emotions. – Eric L.
The greatest value for me came from identifying my emotional ‘triggers’ and how substantially they impact my current communication and view of myself! Fortunately for me Dr. Shirley does not dwell on the past, explains it is never too late and shows you how you CAN change! -Mazman
I do not normally like psychology or self help books and I normally do not like books that point everythig back to the parents. Yet I have found that this books gives lots of insight into the human psyche and that there is lots of useful info here to help overcome your issues. -S. Cranow “The Granovitch”
A couple of years ago I set out to study attachment theory. To be on the safe side, I stuck to academic psychology books. I learned a lot, but it was somewhat exhausting. This book, in contrast, explains the concepts of attachment theory thoroughly, accurately, and in laymen’s terms. So, I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about attachment theory without wading through difficult resources. If you’re having trouble with your friendships, romantic relationship, or career, this book will probably help you. – Alice F. “kangarunitarian”
The author presents a compelling argument on why we do the things we do – and how to break unhealthy patterns. Don’t expect that after you finish reading this book, your troubles will be over. But, with the awareness this book will bring you, and the tools it provides, you should find yourself on a healthier course. – laconfidential
The exercises that the author gives were pretty interesting. I really liked the “validate your child’s concern/fear” point. I am going to remember that for years to come. The discussion about ‘listen to your body’ were thought-provoking. Point noted miss Impellizzeri. All in all an enjoyable book to read. – Arun M.
This book was a read that I actually could understand (as a layman) and apply to my own life situations. There was a softness about this book that made you want to learn about yourself and not beat yourself up. What a wonderful reaction to have to a book. – Judi G.