Bad Dads Webinar: When Father Didn’t Know Best Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 12:00 PST

Are you struggling with memories of an abusive father? A father’s toxic behavior–drugs, alcohol, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, emotional distance–will follow you into adulthood. Let’s explore the depth of paternal influence and how you can find peace, forgiveness, and release from the … Read More


Attachment Styles in Relationships FACT: All Mammals attach. Humans form a strong attachment to their caregivers by the age of 2. The quality of those attachments influences how you feel about yourself, the others around you, and the world. Are … Read More


Surviving Suicide Webinar If you have endured the suicide of a loved one and feel that your life has been shattered, this Webinar will help you understand the complexities of this serious subject from both a psychological and a spiritual … Read More

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